Friday, December 01, 2006


Date: 29 November 2006, Wednesday
Venue: CAC Hall, IIUM
Time: 9.30 p.m
Playlists: Temasya, Ada Apa Denganmu, Pandang-Pandang Jeling-Jeling, Matsuri, I'tiraf

Last night IAC, accompanied with Percussion Group, Gamelan, Caklempong, Band and Nasyid team had performed in front of 800 new students of IIUM. Team Zapin, Aikido, Silat Cekak Hanafi and Silat Helang Putih also joined the musical groups on the stage, following the ryhthm and melodies of the songs being played.
Led by Bro. Aswad, the night show started with Temasya, where every musical teams had collaborated. After martial art feats by both Silat groups, IAC's solo performance began with Ada Apa Denganmu, and then Pandang-Pandang Jeling-Jeling before continued with Caklempong group for Matsuri and Sakinah. The next shows went with Band and Zapin.
The song Cindai was carried on by Caklempong, Gamelan and Band. Since IAC members had to do nothing, they just enjoyed the song and moved just a bit in harmony. And the last song, I'tiraf went on with Nasyid team before they ended the night's program with salawat.
A special appreciation goes to Bro. Aswad who led IAC members, Zaki, Jay Hamzah and Asmawi who gave their last full commitment to the show and also for the team. Without all of you the show would probably be different from what everyone had had last night.
Not forgetting to every bureaus; PromArch, BUTEM, T-DEV and Costume and Performance who had done their job very well for this show, and to Mainboard team who had helped them a lot to make sure everything went as planned. Thanks to all who participated, and it is hoped that after this, this team will perform much better in the future.


Anonymous said...

urmm...salah nama la plak.. it's CHAZZIE'S PAGE...

szakif said...

sedey la nak tinggalkan angklung club~

Anonymous said...

huhu..tinggalkan IAC dpan mata je..but not in your heart tau...

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