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report: IIUM Ambang Merdeka '06

Event: IIUM Ambang Merdeka '06
Date: 30 August 2006
Venue: Male's Sport Complex, IIUM
Playlists: Jalur Gemilang, Sejahtera Malaysia

August 30th 2006, IIUM- In about one hour before Malaysia celebrated the 49th Year of Independence, IAC performed two songs, Jalur Gemilang and Sejahtera Malaysia in IIUM Male's Sport Complex.
Days before, on August 26th IAC also had to perform at the riverside of CAC on the first day of IIUM Convocation Day to entertain the students' parents and relatives who were waiting their sons and daughters outside with the songs Puji-Pujian, I'tiraf and Enjit-Enjit Semut. On August 28th again IAC had to go to the Convest Hill and performed Enjit-Enjit Semut, medley of Song of Do Re Mi, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Happy Family and London Bridge and lastly, Edelwiess. Both had two similarities; we played Enjit-Enjit Semut and we had a very small numbers of audiences! So we played and had fun as well!!
And to be honest, for this Ambang Merdeka celebration, most of us had lost our energies for our last three consecutive performances. However, we should give some credits to ourselves who, no matter how tired we were, we still were committed to this last show of this month!
Say thanks to Abang Najib who were conducted us for tonight. And not to forget, Sarah who were our conductor at Convest Hill (26th August). Size is not the matter eh? Plus, to the new members of IAC, thank you so much for your participations, even though some of you had to sacrifice your time for angklung practices and exams. To the senior members, congatulations for bringing this club up to this level. 4 performances in one month, wow!! You guys should be proud!!
Don't worry, even though mistakes happened and we could not play Tanggal 31 because of lack of practice, but no one knows, right? Especially the audiences, most of them enjoyed our performance despite of the sounds was not clear enough for them to really listen to the sounds of angklungs. Even we the players could not hear well.
Nevertheless, the night was great. The countdown was cool and the fire crakers were da' bomb (even though some may said, 'they are burning our money!!! RM12,000, RM20,000!!!')
Not to forget, our beloved friend, Zaki who is going to leave this team. Tonight was his last participation and 'no more angklung after this', he said. Not only him, but at the end of this semester, we have to bid goodbye to A. Jay, Kak Wani, and A. Safwan as they are among Scieces students who have to move to Kuantan Campus. Thank you very much guys..Don't forget IAC and good luck in whatever you do!! Thank you so much for your commitments, we here really appreciate it. *sob sob*
Finally, from me, I would like to say 'Happy Holiday' and 'Happy Independence Day'. May our country will be blessed always with Allah's Grace, Insya Allah.

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