Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mass Gathering - Ice Breaking

Date: 21st Dec 2009
Venue: Angklung Training Room
Time: 8pm
By: Q

It started right after Isya' with Brother Rasyid welcoming the new members and introducing himself, followed by the mainboards and head committees. The treasurer then explained about the annual fees and other matters related to the financial standing of the club. Afterwards, the secretary briefed on the activities conducted last semester.
The mass gathering proceeded with the members divided into beureaus, followed an enclosed beureaus briefing and ice-breaking and sharing sessions.
The project manager of the Induction Day had the opporturnity to discuss the program with the members and reminded everyone to be present on Sunday, 27th December.
The night's gathering ended with the members paying the induction day and annual club fees.


Membership Drive and Interview Sessions for New Members2009/2010 (and the 100th entry! XD)

Date: 14-15 Dec / 16-17 Dec 2009
Day: Monday-Tuesday / Wednesday-Thursday
Venue: Angklung training room
By: Q

It was quite chaotic, especially the busking sessions. The project manager extend much apologies. However, all things considered, it went quite well, despite a somewhat handicap in the managing system *apology*
About 50 new members were recruited, 97% being the first year students. Most new members are female, but there were quite a number of male members. It was very much anticipated that the new recruitment will prove to be dedicated.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

IIUM Angklung Club AGM Report

Date: 3rd October
Venue: Edu Square
By: Q
The AGM was conducted smoothly despite a late start. It was initiated with do'a recitation, followed by reports by the club's treasurer and secretary. The club proved to have unanimous trust for Rasyid to be the club's president as he was once again elected and won the seat. (Oh, that started to sound political which is queer). The mainboard does not change much with only few ammendments which are hoped to be much more effective. Muhd Zulhilmi shone as the most popular member as he won most of the 'awards'. There was dinner cum birthday bash for members whose birthdays were on November till March.
The floor dispersed at about 11 pm after a quick post mortem.


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