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Date: 21 November 2006, Tuesday
Venue: KL Hilton
Time: 9.30 p.m
Playlists: I’tiraf, Medley (Mary Had a Little Lamb, Happy Family, London Bridge), Joget Pahang, Ada Apa Denganmu, Medley (When The Saints Go Marching & You Are My Sunshine), Bungong Juempo, Belaian Jiwa, Edelwiess, Enjit-Enjit Semut, Madu Dan Racun, Song of Do Re Mi, Sejahtera Malaysia

On 21 November 2006 IAC performed 12 full songs and 2 medleys for International Conference of ICT in Muslim World dinner at Grand Ballroom, Hilton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Accompanied with a guitarist and Bro. Wan Malik, the vocalist the sounds of angklung filled the hall for about one hour. The audience who were also IIUM staffs and lecturers from Kuliyyah of ICT watched the performance from members of Angklung Club; some did concentrate but some did not for the only attention they gave was for food. And for IAC members, they did sing a bit in Song of Do Re Mi and Sejahtera Malaysia, and some did move a bit to the beat. Furthermore, the songs were all well-played, the Dean of Kuliyyah of ICT gave A++ to the performance and thus, well done to all!
It was quite a while since IAC had not been invited to such a place, so the members took this advantage to record and capture as many pictures as they want in the grand ballroom, especially after the guests and the lecturers gone. It was quite a moment, especially for those who will be leaving from IAC.
In bus on the way back to IIUM, the voices of IAC members sang Salam Terakhir and Bertemu Dan Berpisah. It was fun to hear the weird sounds they produced while singing the songs, but everyone knew that that night was not for long.
Maybe it was because of the ukhwah of IIUM Angklung Club members that makes it hard to forget the night. The highlight was not on the performance but the happiness everyone shared together as a team.



Date: 17-19 November 2006, Friday-Sunday
Venue: Janda Baik, Pahang.

It has been a year since the program manager of this agenda, Bro. Mohd. Najib planned to organize this induction course for IAC members, and at last, at the very end of his days with IAC it came true last 17 November 2006. Located at Janda Baik, 45 minutes-drive from IIUM, more than 20 members of Angklung Club joined this very first induction course for this club. This program is in pursuance of discussion during the Annual General Meeting, thus allowing the new mainboard members to organize this 3-days-2-nights event.
In this induction course, the new board was taught about their task, what they have to do and what they should plan for this club and the members were technically trained to enhance the level of performances, both in theory and practice. This course's objectives are to improve self-confidence and relationships among the members of IAC, to explore and contribute ideas and opinions among newly appointed board members and the previous board members and to gather IAC members as a big family to develop collective participation and cooperation through activities.
The members who participated arrived at Janda Baik at 7.00 p.m. After they had their dinner and prayers the course started with Ice Breaking session, or in other word, Ta’aruf.
Bro. Najib himself directed the program, and he asked each of them to at first draw the shape of a face on an A4 paper and then goes around to other members and asks them to draw any parts of the body and complete it as a whole, while asking 2 questions about anything to them. In this way each of them got to know each other in a very casual and simple way. After that, Bro. Najib asked the participants to write in a piece of paper 3 things about them; only one thing that is true and the others are wrong. After he had collected every pieces of paper, he selected one and shouted out the three things, and the participants had to guess who wrote it. From here, the participants were introduced to a bit of one’s personal life in a very funny approach (now everyone knew who cikgu Ramlah is).
The next day, after Subh prayer, in Activate Your Life! session the participants were conducted by Bro. Najib and learnt about ‘poncho-poncho’, one way of exercise, just like aerobic. Following a song titled ‘Madu Dan Racun’ which is also a song that IAC members have to play on 21 November 2006 for International Conference of ICT in Muslim World, they followed the steps taught by him while enjoying the song. In fact, each of them began to like ‘poncho-poncho’ and the song as well! After breakfast was for training session and only after 11 a.m the real game began where 3 groups were divided and each of the groups had to choose 2 envelopes with music notes in it. They had to create their own group name (DEEVA, HATI PECAH BERDERAI and BLUE KELLY)
with a trademark and together they had to convert the standard music notes into Angklung music notes which are very different from the real one and play the songs with angklung for the next mini-concert. It would be much easier if they know the title of the songs, but they had no clue about these songs they had to convert. Here they learnt how difficult to adapt music notes for new songs and they practically make use of what they have learnt from Bapak Dadang and Fairuz before.
At night, the participants partook in SWOT analysis. SWOT means ‘Strength, Weakness, Opportunity Threat’. In this session the accomplices played their part as the members of IAC giving their opinion and ideas for the future of this club. Each bureaus presented their missions, visions and job scope.
On the last day of this course, after Subuh prayer, everyone listened to Kuliyyah Subuh by the owner of the place they stayed in, who is also a writer. After breakfast and refreshment, everyone gathered for POA session (Plan Of Action). Here every bureau and also main board members started planning about what they are going to do for the next semester and future before they were allowed to start practicing for mini-concert. After about 40 minutes, the mini-concert began with group DEEVA playing only one song, Pretty Boy. And then Blue Kelly with Because of You and One Love and lastly, Hati Pecah Berderai with Untitled and So Yesterday. Everyone enjoyed the fun, even though each of every group competed with each other.
The course was ended by Sis. Norliza Chek Hassan, the Ass. Director of Cultural and Arts Unit S-Dev, IIUM. The winner was announced, and the first place goes to DEEVA!! Second place; BLUE KELLY and third place is HATI PECAH BERDERAI.
The participants went back to IIUM only after 'Asr because of some difficulty, but everyone arrived safe and sound.
This agenda is hoped to be an annual program for IAC for it is very important to strengthen the ukhwah between the members of IAC and to improve self-confidence and knowledge for better performances. Congratulations to all organizing committees, especially to the program manager for making this program a real fun for all. Thank you.



Date: 17 November 2006, Friday
Venue: HS LR 16
Time: 10.30 a.m

An annual general meeting of IAC was held at the Kuliyyah of Human Science last Friday. The rationale of this meeting for IAC members is to elect those who are apt to hold the responsibilities and to ensure the development of this cultural club. Although not all who had came, but the gathering was running smoothly, starting from a special speech from the guest of the event, Kak Maswa, IAC financial report, previous AGM report and the climax of the meeting, the election for Mainboard and Bureau recruits.
However, on that day the members did not have much time to elect for Bureau committees for they were all need to end the session before Jumaat prayer, thus those who had been chosen to be the Mainboard members had to do the job to select who should bear the responsibilities.
And here are the results of the Annual General Meeting;

President: Satdiyatun Adib Rahim
Ass. President: Mohd. Shukri Shaidan
Secretary: Raja Nurwahida Adleen Raja Munir Shah
Treasurer: Siti Sarah Sulaiman
Internal Auditor: Ratna Sari Zamri
Nawal Mohd. Marop

And these are those who had been chosen by the members of IAC Mainboard for Bureau committees;

Bureau of Technical and Maintenance: Fiza
Bureau of Training and Development: Siti Fairuz Kawid
Bureau of Costume and Coordination: Nadia
Bureau of Promotion and Archive: Nurul Azwa Haris

Last but not least, the new Assistant Director of Cultural and Arts Unit S-Dev, IIUM, Sis. Norliza Check Hassan gave a speech to the members before the meeting ended. It is hoped that these new committees of IAC will continue to bring this club to a higher level together with other members and if possible, to be one of the best cultural clubs in IIUM apart from Gamelan and Caklempong. Not forgetting those who had come to the meeting, thank you so much for your participation.


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