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BY:Hanis chan


Salam and hye to everyone…

Last Saturday (7th march), Angklung Group has been invited to perform at Asiah Victory Award (AVA). This event was held as an appreciation for Mahallah Asiah’s residents who give excellent performance not only in curriculum but also co-curriculum.

We have the chance to perform at the Banquet Hall in Admin Building. The program started around 8.30 pm after the arrival of the VIPs. It started with the gimmick from Silat Seni Cekak IIUM,
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who performed martial arts with all the knives and sticks. This way, the Malay’s strength and macho-ness showed.
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After hearing the speech from all the VIPs, Angklung Group were finally ready to perform a total of 4 songs while the audiences enjoyed their dinner. We performance started with a ‘Compulsory’ song from Angklung Group, Enjit- Enjit Semut. Followed by Bujang Lapok, then the ballad song "Rindu Bayangan". The last song was Rasa Sayang.. Even the emcee of the day sang the songs that we played.

Then, it was finally ‘makan time’ after the performance. Everyone was really happy because we could gave all our best in the performance. It is normal and very important for Angklung Group members to have photography session. The event was a bit of a ’chaos’ because most members of the Angklung Group are "GIGAM (Haha...). One by one the camera flashed to capture the memorable event.
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Cool…. after about 2 days of practice, Angklung Group successfully performed well even though it was the first time for the new members to play some of the songs. Even Bapak, could smile while conducting the performance….that’s a good sign
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. Alhamdulillah, we gain lot of praises from the audiences and the committees. But, we have to remember the Angklung Group motto, ‘Jangan Riak’……

Thanks to all the seniors who still could spend their time performing together with us.. Also not to forget other members, who have to sacrifice the holiday to make this performance a good one..
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Keep up the good work!!!


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