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Hi Angklungians!! Please check your name below for January's Tazkirah Schedule. I hope you can prepare yourself. It can be anything conducted by you either a tazkirah, games, etc. See you in our next training January 01, 2008!


Satdiyatun Adib Rahim


Mohd Sukri Shaidan


Nor Fauzana Zainuddin


Nur Farahiyah Abd Mutalib


Fiza Hanif Zainon


Nawal Marop


Siti Fairuz Kawid



Tuesday, October 30, 2007

IIUM Angklung Team Annual Grand Meeting

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketDATE: 26/10/2007
GUESTS: Pak Dadang, Cikgu Zahir, representatives from Percussion, Gamelan, Cak Lempong, Zapin and Poetry Club.

After 30-minute delay, the Annual Grand Meeting for IIUM Angklung Team 2007 started at 9 p.m. Conducted by Fiza Hanif as our MC, the meeting began with the recitation of Al-Fatihah and speech from the Programme Manager of the event, Sis. Adrisyawalia Che Din, and then from Sis. Satdiyatun as the President of IIUM Angklung Team.
Not long after presentations by each bureau of the club, the poll began. And here is the result;

IIUM Mainboards:

President: Sis. Satdiyatun Adib Rahim
Vice Presidet: Bro. Mohd Sukri Shaidan
Financial Controller: Bro. Fiza Hanif Zainon
General Secretary: Nor Fauzana Zainuddin
Ass. Secretary: Nur Farahiyah Abd. Mutalib
Internal Auditor: Nawal Mohd. Marop


Preparation, Technical and Maintenance: Mardiah Ghazali
Promotion, Multimedia and Archive: Nurul Azwa Haris
Training, Discipline, and Development: Siti Fairuz Kawid
Costume, Cleanliness and Performance: Nor Azniza Ismail

While many of the Mainboards are from new people, the bureaus stay the same. Yet, there are also special awards for the members:

The Coolest Angklung Player: Nurul Azwa Haris
The Scariest Angklung Player: R. Nurwahida Adleen
The Most Strict Angklung Player: R. Nurwahida Adleen
The Mummy/Daddy Award: Satdiyatun Adib Rahim
The 'Crybaby': Mohd. Sukri Shaidan
The Most Havoc Angklung Player: Fiza Hanif Zainon
The Most Vouge Angklung Player: Ratna Sari
The Most Punctual Angklung Player: Ratna Sari
The Most Dedicated Angklung Player: Siti Fairuz Kawid
The 'OTAI' one: Siti Fairuz Kawid
The Most Favourite Song: Ada Apa Denganmu
The Hardest Song: Pandang-Pandang Jeling-Jeling
The Best Colaboration Show: Ta'aruf Show
The Best Show: Festival Paduan Angklung, Bandung, Indonesia
The Worst Show: KAED Dinner Beyond Borders
The Best Costume: Batik Kurung
The Worst Costume: T-Shirt

The event went very lively and was attended by Caklempong and Gamelan Group representatives. Also, the meeting also were celebrated by our honoured guests, Bapak Dadang and family and Cikgu Ku Zahir Ku Ahmad who helped the team a lot in improving the skills and performances.
The event ended with jovial raya festivities and Multimedia presentations showing picture slides and also our video during our visit to Bandung, Indonesia and during the competition.


Friday, October 26, 2007

performance for IIUM Shawwal Celebration 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket DATE: 24/10/2007
PLAYLISTS: Dia Datang, Ketipang Payung, Selamat Hari Raya, Cindai

Yesterday at CAC Hall IIUM, the Angklung Team had performed in front of many staffs and lecturers of the university for IIUM Shawwal Celebration 2007.
Not only the team, the 2-hour feast was also entertained by Caklempong, Zapin and Nasyid groups, accompanied by Cikgu Ku Zahir and his 4 collegues from Istana Budaya; each as a violinist, bassist, gambus player and percussionist.
That evening also were celebrated by not only IIUM workers, but also Tan Sri Sanusi Junid and wife and the rector of the university, Dr. Syed Arabi. The song Dia Datang accompanied the arrival of the VIPs .
And as the guests enjoying the meals provided, the performers continued with some various presentations from the beginning of the celebration until the end.
As for the IIUM Angklung Team, it was a challenging performance for them as the songs they played have real upbeat tempo that needs them to play fast, thanks to Cikgu Ku Zahir as he provided the scores for the team, except for Ketipang Payung.
All in all, many enjoyed the performances, including the team itself. Yet, there are so many improvements needed, including the presence of the members for training and their dicipline to follow the schedule. Or else, the show wouldn't succeed. Wallahu'alam.


Monday, October 01, 2007

Add IAG @ Friendster

DATE: 01/10/2007

To all IIUM Angklung Group's members, please show your support and add IIUM ANGKLUNG'S FRIENDSTER GROUP.



New Look

DATE: 01/10/2007

Salam everyone, latest updates, IIUM ANGKLUNG GROUP'S webpage is now with a new look! IT took me two hours to upload it because there are some code errors and stuffs. We have new features whereby visitors can now read IAG's infos, view Photo Gallery (coming soon) or contact the group. We also have Mainboard & Bureau's section whereby any mainboard or bureaus who would like to post any announcement, informations or news can do so by submitting the form provided. Please let us know if there is any errors occur while viewing this webpage so that we can fix it a.s.a.p..

Comments, suggestions, etc are welcome =)


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

report: Festival Paduan Angklung di Bandung, Indonesia

Date: 6th September-10th September 2007
Venue: Institute Technology of Bandung, Indonesia
Playlists: Terajana, Poco-Poco, medley Katipang Payung and Joget Pahang

9th September 2007, Saturday- It was a dream come true to IIUM Angklung Group when they at last arrived at Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB), Indonesia to compete with other several teams from Indonesia in Festival Paduan Angklung which was held 7th September until 9 September 2007.
The team reached Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta on 6th September before they continued the 3-hour journey to Bandung. The group then reached Perdana Wisata Hotel late at night.
7th September, before the group went to ITB Bandung they first went to Tangkuban Perahu, where there is an active volcano to be seen. It was such a beautiful scene and many were mesmerized with the surrounding. Only after that they left to ITB for sound-check and a couple of training there before they get ready for the competition the next day.
8th September, the competition started early in the morning with IIUM Angklung Team being the first team to go. Playing 3 songs; Terajana (compulsory), Poco-Poco, and medley Katipang Payung and Joget Pahang arranged by none other than Siti Fairuz Kawid who was also the conductor of the team they had put 110% effort to gain such an encouraging plause by the audiences and even a thumb-up from one of the juries. However, IAC did feel nervous when they watched other teams performing their parts which was so much better than the team itself.
Not long after the competition ended, the jury annouced the winners and surprisingly, IIUM ANGKLUNG TEAM got third place!! The result was very unexpected by the members themselves as they became speechless just after the announcement. Yet, some were very happy they could not help but smiling and laughing and even touched. So much trouble came and yes! The sacrifices were all paid at last!
So the night the team joined the concert Paduan Angklung where all the first winners from all categories had to perform back and also prize-giving ceremony to all the winners.
On 9th September, after the members spent their money on shopping at Pasar Baru, Bandung, they left the beautiful city with such heavy hearts to the capital city Jakarta, Indonesia where they stayed for another night and left Indonesia on evening 1oth September and came back to Malaysia.
It was such a great experiece for the team. And it is hoped that this will not be the last time IIUM Angklung Team join the competition which will be held two years later and if they are good enough at that time, who knows if they could get first place.
And IIUM Angklung Team would love to congratulate IIUM Zapin Team for they had won the third palce for Festival Zapin MAKUM '07 at IUTM Skudai, Johor. Together we bring IIUM name to the eyes of the nation. Congratulations to all.


some pictures for sweet memories;


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

report: performances for IIUM Convocation 06/07 and CONVEST '07 Cultural Stage

Date: 25th-26th August 2007, Saturday & Sunday
Venue: CAC Main Hall, IIUM
Time: +9.30 a.m & +2.30 p.m
Playlists: Joget Pahang, Enjit-Enjit Semut, Sejahtera Malaysia, Tanggal 31, Jalur Gemilang, Rasa Sayang

The team, IIUM Angklung Group had entertained the parents and families of fresh graduates of IIUM last weekend during the intermission session.

Date:26th August 2007, Sunday
Time: +10 p.m
Playlists: Rindu Bayangan, Poco-Poco, Enjit-Enjit Semut, Rasa Sayang

IIUM Angklung Team performed for CONVEST '07 Cultural Stage that night. Plus, the team also had some Merdeka trivias for the audience who came and watch the team with some valuable gifts given to the winners.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

report: performance for The Inaugural Malaysian Intervarsity Economics Debating Championship 2007

Date: 19th August 2007, Sunday
Venue: Banquet Admin, IIUM
Time: +8.30 p.m
Playlists: Joget Pahang, Poco-Poco, Pandang-Pandang Jeling-Jeling, Enjit-Enjit Semut, Sejahtera Malaysia

20th August 2007, Monday-It was a 30-minute performance by IIUM Angklung Group in front of the participants of The Inaugural Malaysian Intervarsity Economics Debating Championship 2007 yesterday.
Only 13 members of IAC turned up to perform that night for the dinner performing various songs, including song that will be played during Festival Angklung at Bandung, Poco-Poco. It was also the very first time ever for Siti Fairuz conducting the group during the performance.
For the show itself, the team already practiced their way to move along while playing angklung. They had improved a lot in showmanship, even though there were minor mistakes. Some did complain that they felt a bit tired doing the movements, probably because of the meal they had before the show or maybe they still were not used to it. Nevertheless, the audience were so sporting, especially the VIPs who were said to like the song Pandang-Pandang Jeling-Jeling. The team also were given a loud applause from the viewers after the last song, Sejahtera Malaysia, thanks to the team who had to give full commitment during the training and the show itself.


Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Date: 29th July 2007, Sunday
Venue: CAC Hall, IIUM
Time: +9.00 p.m
Playlists: Wau Bulan and Lenggang Kangkung

29th July 2007, Sunday- Last night IIUM Angklung Club along with other cultural teams; Percussion, Zapin, Gamelan and Caklempong had performed in front of the pantun teams from universities around Malaysia and also not to forget, IIUM pantun team themselves.
Playing Lenggang Kangkung and Wau Bulan, the collaboration of all teams mentioned brought the audience to feel the old songs played in such a different, yet exciting and enjoyable beat, thanks to the trainer, cikgu Ku Zahir Ku Ahmad who had came along and conduct the teams, despite the technical difficulties and sound systems that were so lame.
And IAC team also celebrated one of the participants of IIUM Pantun team who is also a member of IIUM Angklung Club, Mohd. Farid. IIUM Pantun team actually reached the final round of the competition, competing with Universiti Putra Malaysia and even though the team only turned up to be the first runner up, but still their effort and spirit to uphold the name of the university should not be denied. Well done to the team and to the performers of the night's event.


Monday, July 09, 2007

3 reports for 3 shows

Date: 4th July 2007, Wednesday
Venue: CAC Hall, IIUM
Time: +9.00 p.m
Playlists: Ketipang Payung, medley Rasa Sayang and Enjit-Enjit Semut, Lenggang Kangkung

IIUM Angklung Club had performed in front of more than 3000 new students during Ta'aruf week. Not only IAC, but Gamelan, Caklempong, Percussion, Band, Zapin and Nasyid groups also joined the night's event, including Theatre Club. This was their first time collaborating with the musical groups.

Date: 5th July 2007, Thursday
Venue: Banquet Admin, IIUM
Time: +9.00 a.m
Playlists: Getaran Jiwa, Ketipang Payung, Rasa Sayang, Enjit-Enjit Semut, Ada Apa Denganmu, Besame Mucho, Cindai

IIUM Angklung Club had performed in front of delegates from United States and also officers of IIUM. Zapin also performed that morning. Many enjoyed their performances and gave thumbs up to the teams.

Date: 6th July 2007, Friday
Venue: No. 7, Jalan Tun Ismail.
Time: +9.00 p.m
Playlists: Ketipang Payung, Rasa Sayang, Enjit-Enjit Semut, Lenggang Kangkung, Ada Apa Denganmu, Edelwiess, Besame Mucho, Getaran Jiwa, Cindai, Sejahtera Malaysia

For the third consecutive show that was held at the house of Datuk Mustapa Mohamed, IIUM Angklung Club and Zapin teams celebrated the international students and embassies with the performances.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

report: performance for KAED Conference dinner

Date: 24th June 2007, Sunday
Venue: CAC Hall, IIUM
Time: +9.00 p.m
Playlists: Bungong Jeumpo, Getaran Jiwa, Ada Apa Denganmu, Rindu Bayangan, Besame Mucho, Cindai, Ketipang Payung, Enjit-Enjit Semut

24th June 2007, Sunday- The audience in IIUM CAC Hall was treated not only with delicious meal for their grand dinner of KAED Conference which was participated by many students majoring in Pure Achitecture from other universities and colleges near Kuala Lumpur, but they were also entertained by the songs IIUM Angklung Club members played.
Eight songs were performed by not more than 30 members and were conducted by IAC trainer, Bapak Dadang. Some members were not very happy with the performance; some said probably they were tired because they had to wake up early and go to Mini Auditourium for preparation for IAC Workshop thet happened next day and some even complained about the feedback from the audience itself that was not encouraging the performers to give their best shot.
Nonetheless, at the end of the day Bapak Dadang reminded us with some of his advices and the most important is that he was quite happy with the team's performance that night. He said there will be some mistakes while playing and that is normal but do not forget the parts that was played well.
All in all, the team already gave their best during the show and there should be nothing to regret after all. Well done to all.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

report: performance at Kuala Lumpur Tower

Date: 15th May 2007, Tuesday
Venue: KL Tower
Time: +10.00 p.m
Playlists: Rasa Sayang, Rindu Bayangan, Getaran Jiwa, Besame Mucho, Cindai

15th May 2007, Tuesday-29 members of IAC had performed for International Conference of Islamic Economy Management at the top of Kuala Lumpur Tower. Some of the audiences were YB Tan Sri Sanusi Junid and IIUM Rector. Not forgetting IIUM Gamelan Group and Zapin team also joined the night's event.
Nothing much had happened for the night's show, except the songs that IAC group had to play were reduced form 10 songs into 5 songs because the group were given only 15 minutes to perform.
About the performance, IAC group played very well, especially for the new song, Rindu Bayangan. The audiences; almost of them were veterans and late adults were happy with the song. And also the international audiences were mesmerized with the sounds of bamboos and their feedback was very good.
All in all, despite of the disappointment of the numbers of songs that the group had played, at least the audiences enjoyed the performance, and that should give IAC team one good credit for their effort for the night's show.

+ IAC team along with Bapak Dadang and his daughter +


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Community Service at Rumah Kanak-Kanak Tengku Budriah

Date: 13th May 2007, Sunday
Venue: Rumah Kanak-Kanak Tengku Budriah, Cheras
Time: +8.00 p.m - 5.00 p.m
Playlists: Enjit-Enjit Semut, Sejahtera Malaysia, Rasa Sayang, medleys

13th May 2007, Sunday - Alongside with Caring Club, IIUM Angklung Club, together hand in hand joined a Community Service program at Rumah Kanak-Kanak Tengku Budriah, Cheras.
In this program, IAC team not only had to play songs to the children, but also helped the committees playing along with them. Divided into 3 groups; babies, toddlers and primary, many were not sure what to do at first. However, after some help from Caring Club commitees, they got along and starting to understand that the children are not the same as those outside the house.
It started at +9.00 a.m, the three groups went to each places and observed the children and babies, played along and helped them with their studies and education. The primaries, aged 7 until 12, played games on mathematics, with the commitees being their teachers.
IAC team performed for the enthusiastic children at +4.00 p.m. Playing songs like Enjit-Enjit Semut, Sejahtera Malaysia, Rasa Sayang and three medleys, the children did sing along. Our keyboardist, Fairuz also was requested to play some songs for them to sing, like Oh Ibu, Ya Rasulullah and Pencinta Wanita. Even though the team were threw down by some naughty audiences but they kept playing on the stage.
The program ended at 4.45 p.m, and after the children were given some small gifts everyone went back to IIUM. All in all, it was a good new experience, and it reminds us that we are so lucky to have such a beautiful family that love and care for us all the way.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

report: performance for Ta'aruf Week Sem. 3 06/07

Date: 3rd March 2007, Saturday
Venue: Main Hall CAC, IIUM
Time: +8.00 p.m
Playlists: Cindai (chorus), Joget Pahang, Ketipang Payung, Enjit-Enjit Semut, Lenggang Kangkung, Wau Bulan

20th April 2007, Friday- IAC along with other Cultural Arts and Units clubs had performed for Ta'aruf Week Cutural performance to celebrate newcomers of IIUM Gombak.
Conducted by Cikgu Ku Zahir, and managed by our stage manager, Azlan Shah we performed the chorus of Cindai for the opening of the night's event. Percussion, Gamelan, Caklempong and Zapin team performed as well along with IAC.
There was also a quick speech by Wahida as our speaker along with other clubs' representatives. She introduced a bit about what is angklung and about our trainer, Bapak Dadang.
After that, the show began with Caklempong, Silat Cekak Hanafi, Silat Helang Putih and Aikido. After Caklempong, Zapin performed with two songs; Zapin Beradat and Cindai before Gamelan's turn with their songs, Ayam Didik and Bujang Lapok. IIUM Angklung Club performed next with their songs Joget Pahang, Ketipang Payung and Enjit-Enjit Semut. Next was the collaboration of cultural groups; IAC, Gamelan, Caklempong and Zapin performing songs Lenggang Kangkung and Wau Bulan before the night's event ended precisely at 11 p.m.
We would like to say thank you to our new members of IAC; Difla, Wan and Aizat for your commitment in this club and for your patience of our crazy behaviours =)
Also, credits go to our beloved IAC members from Kuantan Campus; Jay, Safwan, Zaki, Mawi, Zubir and Farid for their efforts to come and join us. If you guys weren't there we have no idea what will happen to our show. Thank you so much. We would love to invite all of you again for our next performances, Insya-Allah.
All in all, still there are a lot of things need to be improved, but the most important thing is we are always together-no matter what.



Monday, March 05, 2007

report: Opening Ceremony of MASUM '07

Date: 3rd March 2007, Saturday
Venue: Main Hall CAC, IIUM
Time: +8.00 p.m
Playlists: Lenggang Kangkung and Wau Bulan
3rd March 2007- IAC team accompanying Gamelan group performed medley of Lenggang Kangkung and Wau Bulan for Opening Ceremony of MASUM, Majlis Sukan Antara Universiti Malaysia. IIUM is the host of the big event.
Conducted by Cikgu Ku Zahir, the night started by the sounds of percussion, and then Cak Doh Gong by Gamelan team. After that, Caklempong took place before Zapin team performed. Only after Zapin Angklung Team headed to the stage.
Probably that was the first time the team had 8 pages of music notes in front of them, so they had to make sure that it is well-prepared from page one until page 8. Plus, accompanying Gamelan for both songs was enjoyable, yet to catch up the speed was one challenge, but after plenty of trainings nights before that day, the team were able to play the songs well.
This is the last show for this semester. Since final examination is around the corner I would like to use this opportunity to wish you all the best and good luck to Kak Zakiah and Kak Zarith who will be leaving IIUM and Angklung Club this semester. Thank you for your commitment for this club and do not forget IAC team, ya!!


report: 5-day performances for IIUM Quality Day

Date: 26th Feb.-2nd March 2007
Venue: Banquet CAC, IIUM
Time: +3.30 p.m
Playlists: Ada Apa Denganmu, Joget Pahang, Enjit-Enjit Semut, Ketipang Payung, Rasa Sayang, medleys
From 26th February until 2nd March 2007 IIUM Angklung Club along with Gamelan ,Caklempong, Percussion, Nasyid and Zapin groups were performing for IIUM Quality Day, starting from 3.30 p.m until 5 p.m.
Playing various of songs like Enjit-Enjit Semut, Joget Pahang, Rasa Sayang, medleys of kids' songs, Ketipang Payung and Ada Apa Denganmu, the team entertained the visitors while they were around at the CAC Banquet where there were booths about IIUM excellent achievements, even though most of them were just from IIUM itself.
Nonetheless, as if the teams performing are as united as one, they cheered to each others' performances. They clapped hands, as if they are the audiences and thus gave one good sign that every team here support one another.
And for IAC, there is nothing much to say; some performances were good but still have plenty to improve. But credits go to every members who gave their commitment to come and play even though they were already busy with classes and assignments.
And one last stop before the semester ends; Opening Ceremony of MASUM '07.


Thursday, February 15, 2007


Date: 13 February 2007, Tuesday
Venue: Riverside, IIUM
Time: +10.00 p.m
Playlists: Ketipang Payung, Joget Pahang, PPJJ, Cindai, Enjit-Enjit Semut, Rasa sayang

14 Feb, 2007, Wednesday- IAC last night had performed 6 songs for IIUM Arts Education and Aprreciation Week '07 or generally known as Cultural Week. This program started last Monday, 12 February 2007 and will end on 15 February 2007.The idea is to let every clubs under Cultural and Arts unit open for registration to all students of IIUM and to inform them about the fuctions of Cultural and Arts Unit in IIUM itself.For the show, even though the number of audiences were small, at least the weather was fine and the songs played very well despite the fact that the members had to catch up the quick beat of percussion. And since plenty of IAC members are involved in this program, so it was quite hectic when it comes to training because of lack of members.However, the show ran smoothly and not only IAC who performed last night but also Caklempong Group, Silat Cekak Hanafi and Aikido team.

p/s: say thanks to Adlan for his participation for the first time with IAC.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

the latest pics of IAC





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