Tuesday, October 30, 2007

IIUM Angklung Team Annual Grand Meeting

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketDATE: 26/10/2007
GUESTS: Pak Dadang, Cikgu Zahir, representatives from Percussion, Gamelan, Cak Lempong, Zapin and Poetry Club.

After 30-minute delay, the Annual Grand Meeting for IIUM Angklung Team 2007 started at 9 p.m. Conducted by Fiza Hanif as our MC, the meeting began with the recitation of Al-Fatihah and speech from the Programme Manager of the event, Sis. Adrisyawalia Che Din, and then from Sis. Satdiyatun as the President of IIUM Angklung Team.
Not long after presentations by each bureau of the club, the poll began. And here is the result;

IIUM Mainboards:

President: Sis. Satdiyatun Adib Rahim
Vice Presidet: Bro. Mohd Sukri Shaidan
Financial Controller: Bro. Fiza Hanif Zainon
General Secretary: Nor Fauzana Zainuddin
Ass. Secretary: Nur Farahiyah Abd. Mutalib
Internal Auditor: Nawal Mohd. Marop


Preparation, Technical and Maintenance: Mardiah Ghazali
Promotion, Multimedia and Archive: Nurul Azwa Haris
Training, Discipline, and Development: Siti Fairuz Kawid
Costume, Cleanliness and Performance: Nor Azniza Ismail

While many of the Mainboards are from new people, the bureaus stay the same. Yet, there are also special awards for the members:

The Coolest Angklung Player: Nurul Azwa Haris
The Scariest Angklung Player: R. Nurwahida Adleen
The Most Strict Angklung Player: R. Nurwahida Adleen
The Mummy/Daddy Award: Satdiyatun Adib Rahim
The 'Crybaby': Mohd. Sukri Shaidan
The Most Havoc Angklung Player: Fiza Hanif Zainon
The Most Vouge Angklung Player: Ratna Sari
The Most Punctual Angklung Player: Ratna Sari
The Most Dedicated Angklung Player: Siti Fairuz Kawid
The 'OTAI' one: Siti Fairuz Kawid
The Most Favourite Song: Ada Apa Denganmu
The Hardest Song: Pandang-Pandang Jeling-Jeling
The Best Colaboration Show: Ta'aruf Show
The Best Show: Festival Paduan Angklung, Bandung, Indonesia
The Worst Show: KAED Dinner Beyond Borders
The Best Costume: Batik Kurung
The Worst Costume: T-Shirt

The event went very lively and was attended by Caklempong and Gamelan Group representatives. Also, the meeting also were celebrated by our honoured guests, Bapak Dadang and family and Cikgu Ku Zahir Ku Ahmad who helped the team a lot in improving the skills and performances.
The event ended with jovial raya festivities and Multimedia presentations showing picture slides and also our video during our visit to Bandung, Indonesia and during the competition.


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