Thursday, March 24, 2011


Assalamualaikum... ^^

         This time our juniors were given the opportunity to perform for Quality Day event which was one of the big events in IIUM in order to appreciate all of IIUM staff. They performed 3 songs which are "Enjit-enjit Semut, Rasa Sayang & Iktiraf" Alhamdulillah..they were able to perform very well even though they just had gone through only one week training. Thanx to PIC of this show Nurul Akmal because she had arrange the training for these juniors and really appreciate her effort for the whole period of training.. ^^

Let's enjoy the pictures.. ^^


MHI 18.03.2011 [PHOTOS]

Hope you all enjoy our photos ^^


Live On MHI [18.03.2011]

Assalamualaikum...hello guys. Hope all of you stay healthy despite the rainy weather nowadays..We have a  new story to share again..^^

        About 6.30 am in the morning, with angklung in the hand, our members were rushing from angklung training room to the centre because we were a bit late from the master plan schedule for a big event. We'll be live on MHI (Malaysia Hari Ini) at TV3 today!!!. Yahoo..! A round of applause for us..hehe ^^

         After we had a bit of breakfast, at 7.15 am we were already stand by on the stage together with the members of IIUM Percussion Club and Andeka Caklempong Club. We can say that we're lucky on that morning to see how TV crews setting up their things and running here and there to make sure their show runs smoothly. While we were chattering about this and that, we noticed that Wardina Safiyyah was walking towards the MHI's set and she's waving to us with a sweet smile..hihi ^^  She's so pretty and nice..just like we always see her on TV.. Later then, we saw other MHI host like Nurul Syuhada Nurul Ain, Abby Fana, Fedtri Yahya, Ally Iskandar and M.Zul..On that day, Nurul Syuhada & Abby Fana were wearing hijab and they looked very pretty.. ^^

         Altogether on the show, we perform 3 songs which are "Bujang Lapok, Joget Pahang & Rasa Sayang "  All of our performance were a collaboration with Andeka Caklempong & IIUM Percussion Club and just right before the commercial break. So, overall there were 3 times that we are on screen.hehe.. ^^  Around 8.00 am, we already stand by to perform our first song ~ Bujang Lapok. Half an hour after that, around 8.30 am, we perform "Joget Pahang.." This time, our performance were a bit difference from other performance because we add some choreography to the songs..Alhamdulillah we were able to perform the choreography and the songs very well even though we just practice the choreography on the night before! hihi..Another round of applause for us ^^

          Before the MHI ends, Ally Iskandar came to us and asked if we can play another one song to closed up the show.. He also asked us to play the song a little bit longer until they show us the signal to stop.Fortunately, we already prepared "Rasa Sayang" and we just played the song right after the cue.. Alhamdulillah, we're able to perform this song very well too.. ^^

           After the MHI show ends, our conductor told us that there were a request if we can perform the songs, we played Bujang Lapok & Joget Pahang happily again as requested and together with a bright of smile to the audience..We received a thunderous applause from the audience.. Alhamdulillah...

           *So, to sum up this entry, we would like to thanks to our conductor of the day which is our ex-president Rashid Hamzah for accepting the offer as the conductor, although at first, he refused it.hihi..Thanx so much Rashid..! Plus, we would like to say thank you to Andeka Caklempong Club because they have invited us to perform today and give us the opportunity to perform live on TV.hehe.. And finally, thanks to the IIUM Percussion Club because they are willing to accompanied the angklugianz performance today...^^



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Board of Angklung meeting


Yeah week 14th has come, the board of Angklung had their final meeting together with them at the training room. Just 2 of them out of 14 absent, but still they had laugh together during meeting. Like usual, we had go through the meeting just as the agenda planned by our President:

1. Welcoming remarks
2. Update of every single bureau
3. Rising issues
4. Round table
5. Briefing on Solat hajat and mass gathering

After we had highlighted some certain things that are actually should be on our list-to-be-done in this semester, every bureau seems having moderate progress throughout this semester but still the effort clearly can be seen. What our President had always remind us that in whatever case people says negative of our effort it is okay because of the effort you guys gave is actually enough for him. Only Allah will granted you not them inshaAllah. Yet, the President kept reminding us to work more hard on the following tasks given and try not just to fooling around and neglect the responsibilities given which is had already stated by Allah.

I also want to raise up this rising issue about the membership of Angklung Club. Since, throughout this semester the list of ‘sleeping members’ are always keep increase. These people still want us to recognize them as a member of the club but during weekly training, they are not attending at all. Thus, we  board of Angklung had decided that for this kind of people we will give them special requirements which are, first they must pay club fees and also buy the club t-shirt. If not, they will be ‘barred’ from the club. Or in other words, they are not club members anymore. That’s all for this time updates.

Thus, as reminder to all members please do come to this event: Solat Hajat Jama’ie for Final Examination & Mass gathering for semester 2, 2010/2011.

And second event is Inventory Session for PROMARC, COSMO & BUTEM bureau. For all members of these bureaus are compulsory to come and other members are invited as well.

InshaAllah may Allah bless in everything we do even it is maintenance progress for our beloved club.

Thank You.


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