Tuesday, August 21, 2007

report: performance for The Inaugural Malaysian Intervarsity Economics Debating Championship 2007

Date: 19th August 2007, Sunday
Venue: Banquet Admin, IIUM
Time: +8.30 p.m
Playlists: Joget Pahang, Poco-Poco, Pandang-Pandang Jeling-Jeling, Enjit-Enjit Semut, Sejahtera Malaysia

20th August 2007, Monday-It was a 30-minute performance by IIUM Angklung Group in front of the participants of The Inaugural Malaysian Intervarsity Economics Debating Championship 2007 yesterday.
Only 13 members of IAC turned up to perform that night for the dinner performing various songs, including song that will be played during Festival Angklung at Bandung, Poco-Poco. It was also the very first time ever for Siti Fairuz conducting the group during the performance.
For the show itself, the team already practiced their way to move along while playing angklung. They had improved a lot in showmanship, even though there were minor mistakes. Some did complain that they felt a bit tired doing the movements, probably because of the meal they had before the show or maybe they still were not used to it. Nevertheless, the audience were so sporting, especially the VIPs who were said to like the song Pandang-Pandang Jeling-Jeling. The team also were given a loud applause from the viewers after the last song, Sejahtera Malaysia, thanks to the team who had to give full commitment during the training and the show itself.


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