Tuesday, June 26, 2007

report: performance for KAED Conference dinner

Date: 24th June 2007, Sunday
Venue: CAC Hall, IIUM
Time: +9.00 p.m
Playlists: Bungong Jeumpo, Getaran Jiwa, Ada Apa Denganmu, Rindu Bayangan, Besame Mucho, Cindai, Ketipang Payung, Enjit-Enjit Semut

24th June 2007, Sunday- The audience in IIUM CAC Hall was treated not only with delicious meal for their grand dinner of KAED Conference which was participated by many students majoring in Pure Achitecture from other universities and colleges near Kuala Lumpur, but they were also entertained by the songs IIUM Angklung Club members played.
Eight songs were performed by not more than 30 members and were conducted by IAC trainer, Bapak Dadang. Some members were not very happy with the performance; some said probably they were tired because they had to wake up early and go to Mini Auditourium for preparation for IAC Workshop thet happened next day and some even complained about the feedback from the audience itself that was not encouraging the performers to give their best shot.
Nonetheless, at the end of the day Bapak Dadang reminded us with some of his advices and the most important is that he was quite happy with the team's performance that night. He said there will be some mistakes while playing and that is normal but do not forget the parts that was played well.
All in all, the team already gave their best during the show and there should be nothing to regret after all. Well done to all.


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