Saturday, May 19, 2007

report: performance at Kuala Lumpur Tower

Date: 15th May 2007, Tuesday
Venue: KL Tower
Time: +10.00 p.m
Playlists: Rasa Sayang, Rindu Bayangan, Getaran Jiwa, Besame Mucho, Cindai

15th May 2007, Tuesday-29 members of IAC had performed for International Conference of Islamic Economy Management at the top of Kuala Lumpur Tower. Some of the audiences were YB Tan Sri Sanusi Junid and IIUM Rector. Not forgetting IIUM Gamelan Group and Zapin team also joined the night's event.
Nothing much had happened for the night's show, except the songs that IAC group had to play were reduced form 10 songs into 5 songs because the group were given only 15 minutes to perform.
About the performance, IAC group played very well, especially for the new song, Rindu Bayangan. The audiences; almost of them were veterans and late adults were happy with the song. And also the international audiences were mesmerized with the sounds of bamboos and their feedback was very good.
All in all, despite of the disappointment of the numbers of songs that the group had played, at least the audiences enjoyed the performance, and that should give IAC team one good credit for their effort for the night's show.

+ IAC team along with Bapak Dadang and his daughter +


Anonymous said...

adik wawa ku sayang, itu bukan anak pak dadang. itu adik ipar dia merangkap adik ibu and aunty anak2 bapak yang chomey 2 org tu ;p

p/s: akak pn baru tau. misunderstanding daa.... (k.nana)

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