Wednesday, September 12, 2007

report: Festival Paduan Angklung di Bandung, Indonesia

Date: 6th September-10th September 2007
Venue: Institute Technology of Bandung, Indonesia
Playlists: Terajana, Poco-Poco, medley Katipang Payung and Joget Pahang

9th September 2007, Saturday- It was a dream come true to IIUM Angklung Group when they at last arrived at Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB), Indonesia to compete with other several teams from Indonesia in Festival Paduan Angklung which was held 7th September until 9 September 2007.
The team reached Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta on 6th September before they continued the 3-hour journey to Bandung. The group then reached Perdana Wisata Hotel late at night.
7th September, before the group went to ITB Bandung they first went to Tangkuban Perahu, where there is an active volcano to be seen. It was such a beautiful scene and many were mesmerized with the surrounding. Only after that they left to ITB for sound-check and a couple of training there before they get ready for the competition the next day.
8th September, the competition started early in the morning with IIUM Angklung Team being the first team to go. Playing 3 songs; Terajana (compulsory), Poco-Poco, and medley Katipang Payung and Joget Pahang arranged by none other than Siti Fairuz Kawid who was also the conductor of the team they had put 110% effort to gain such an encouraging plause by the audiences and even a thumb-up from one of the juries. However, IAC did feel nervous when they watched other teams performing their parts which was so much better than the team itself.
Not long after the competition ended, the jury annouced the winners and surprisingly, IIUM ANGKLUNG TEAM got third place!! The result was very unexpected by the members themselves as they became speechless just after the announcement. Yet, some were very happy they could not help but smiling and laughing and even touched. So much trouble came and yes! The sacrifices were all paid at last!
So the night the team joined the concert Paduan Angklung where all the first winners from all categories had to perform back and also prize-giving ceremony to all the winners.
On 9th September, after the members spent their money on shopping at Pasar Baru, Bandung, they left the beautiful city with such heavy hearts to the capital city Jakarta, Indonesia where they stayed for another night and left Indonesia on evening 1oth September and came back to Malaysia.
It was such a great experiece for the team. And it is hoped that this will not be the last time IIUM Angklung Team join the competition which will be held two years later and if they are good enough at that time, who knows if they could get first place.
And IIUM Angklung Team would love to congratulate IIUM Zapin Team for they had won the third palce for Festival Zapin MAKUM '07 at IUTM Skudai, Johor. Together we bring IIUM name to the eyes of the nation. Congratulations to all.


some pictures for sweet memories;


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