Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Solat Hajat and Grand Gathering

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DATE: 10/03/2008

Last night, alongside with Percussion group, IIUM Angklung Group gathered the members of the club to perform Solat Hajat and Yaasin recitation at the new room.
The objective of the night is to introduce the Percussion Group to the new members of Angklung Group, close and personal.
The night began by a member of Percussion Group leading for Solat Maghrib and after that by our own VIP, Cikgu Ku Zahir Ku Ahmad for the Solat Hajat. Yaasin recitation happened just after Maghrib prayer before the Solatul Hajat.
Ice Breaking was led by the very own percussionist, Adam to introduce each and everyone involved for the night while waiting for Isya'.
And the meals were ready just after the prayer, and not long after that 2 cakes presented to all as a birthday celebration to the members of the club.
It was the last night for them to meet each other as after this everyone will be preparing for final exams.
All in all, IAG blog crews wish all of you best of luck for your final exam.
May God be with us, Ameen..


too bad i cannot involved yesterday... very2 sorry to all the crews..

p/s: k.azwa, something wrong with the code or akak saje je guna sumer bold?

azuwachan said...

dah direpair balik :)

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