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Last week, IIUM organized Student Carnival which also known as Cocu-Week whereby all clubs in IIUM joined together and open a booth to proudly present their clubs to all students and visitors. This includes Angklung Club and we were so proud to present our club and be a part of the event.
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We opened our booth at 10 a.m until 5.30 p.m everyday (Thursday-Saturday). At booth, our members who were on duty entertained the students and IIUM staff that visited our booth and let them try to play angklung. Alhamdulillah, our booth is one of the booths that received good respond from students and staff. It’s good and exciting to see when Angklung members wore baju of the same colour everyday for the week.
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. We played Enjit-enjit Semut and Bujang Lapok on Thursday and Friday accompanied by Percussion Club. On saturday, angklung had a collaborated performance with other Cultural Clubs namely Caklempong, Percussion, Zapin and Gamelan for the opening ceremony which was attended by all the VIPs. We played Cindai, Medley Ketipang Payung Joget Pahang and Wau Bulan. To be honest, we didn’t perform well for the two earlier songs. Kak Fai admonished our mistakes after the performance and we took her advice with an open heart and took as a motivation to perform better for the next performance(
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tq kak fai). During the VIPs' visit to our booth, we played the Enjit-Enjit Semut and also showed them how to play angklung. At 2.30 p.m, we had another collaborated performance with all the cultural groups. We played the songs Tuhan and Iktiraf during the performance. Alhamdulillah, the performance was great and a better one. Thanks to the audiences for watching our performance from the beginning until the end even the day even though it was quite hot. We made the preparation about a week before for this carnival. Thanks to all members and also thanks to all the cultural groups for the commitment (Most of us didn’t get enough rest
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to make this things happen.) Bravo everyone!!!
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