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Last Wednesday, Angklung Group was given a chance to perform at TV3 for MHI (Malaysia Hari Ini) which is one of famous live morning show in Malaysia. This is the biggest greatest offer that we received so far and we are so happy
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. We were informed about the MHI show last Monday so we don’t really have much time to practice. We started our training A.S.A.P on the same night we received the news.
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. We practiced eight songs namely Enjit2 Semut, Rasa Sayang, When The Saint Goes Marching, You Are My Sunshine, Bujang Lapok, Poco2 and Kopi Dangdut. This performance is quite a challenge because we need to memorize all the song by heart as there might not be enough space for us to put our note and stand
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. Alhamdulillah we memorized the songs in just two days. We departed from IIUM at 6.30am and arrived at about 7.30am. This is our first time in the studio and we were so excited. When we arrived, the show has already started and we took our place to arrange everything before they asked us to perform. Alhamduliilah everything went well. After the show, we took pictures with the celebrities that come on that day like Adibah Noor, Anggun and Wardina etc.
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. After breakfast at TV3 studio we went back to IIUM. From this performance we have learned a lot. We realized the importance of memorizing the songs, to deliver the songs with the right facial expression, and to enjoy the songs that we played. Nonetheless, this is the sweetest memory for this semester and forever.......Thanks to all!!
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Ak PENAh gaK maeN anGklUng

msE skOOL dlU

PGanG uRuf A...huHU..

hoPE KOrg trUSkan pertHan BUDAya kT!


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