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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketDATE: 09/07/2009-12/07/2009
VENUE: Terachi, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan
BY: mi$$RED


Last week S-Dev had organized Cultural Village at Terachi, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, a program participated by all IIUM cultural clubs (Gamelan, Caklempong, Angklung, Zapin, Percussion, Poetry, Band, Theatre, Ummul Qura', Dikir Barat and Nasyid) joined together with Dun Seri Menanti Service Center for four days with the theme “One Malaysia: Uniformity in Diversity”. The program is for the students to learn and be indulged with the customs and culture of the people in Negeri Sembilan.
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We departed from IIUM at 12.00 pm and arrived there at around 4.00 pm. The opening ceremony inauguration was completed by Y.B Tuan Abdul Samad Ibrahim (Adun Seri Menanti). Afterwards, all the participants was distributed to the foster families of two or three students for each foster family. After the opening ceremony, all participants went back with their foster family for Ice-Breaking. On the first day, the time is spent with with foster families. Fortunately, during our visit, it was still fruit seasons so there are fruits everywhere on trees such as manggis,rambutan,jambu air and the most wanted, durian.
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For the second day, after the “senam tari” in the morning we were divided into three groups. The first group is assigned to the secondary school, second group is assigned to primary school and third group is assigned to attend Caklempong Workshop. We went back to our foster family house after the program ended. Around 3.00 pm we gathered back at the Perkampungan Budaya Terachi for cultural night preparation. At night, we have a full rehearsal until 12.00 pm. Everyone looked so tired but managed to give a good commitment. Well done everyone!
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On the third day, we started our day with “senam tari” and then we were divided again into two groups in which the first group will go to Muzium Istana Seri Menanti for its 100 years day (jubli Emas) and the other group is aasigned to help the villagers in cooking and preparing for the Kenduri Kesyukuran called “merewang”.
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The kenduri started at 8.30 pm. After the VIP gave his speech, all cultural teams were ready to perform accordingly with Yayasan Negeri Sembilan. For the closing, all cultural teams collaborated to perform “Rasa Sayang”. Alhamdulillah the event went well and we received good feedback from the locals.
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Everyone hated to leave.
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We stayed there for about four days and three nights and it is long enough to make us feel close with our foster families but we still have to depart. We depart to IIUM at around 11.00 am. Before we had a long journey to IIUM, we stopped at Ulu Bendul for lunch. We arrived at IIUM at 4.20 pm.
All participants were tired but enjoyed the program. It is a good program as through this program we had the chance to get to know other members of cultural clubs and share our knowledge. This program also helps IIUM’s cultural team to be exposed to outsiders.
In the nut shell, thank you to all participants for your contribution and commitment. May Allah bless you all, good job everyone!


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