Saturday, September 23, 2006

IAC birthday and goodbye party

Despite the fact that not many turned up at last night's Angklung training, we celebrated our Augustians and Septemberians with fun and joy. Although some (who did come to the training session) were feeling unsatisfied and disturbed with other musical group's training in the same room, but it did not distract the party in the end.
So for those who were celebrated last night, congratulations!! Another year to live, you guys should be thankful.
And for the members who had bought all the foods and drinks (you know who you are), thank you so much! We went back to our mahallat with our stomach full.
For the super-seniors, especially Bro. Najib who was the only one who came, thank you for everything. Don't forget us, always remember IIUM Angklung Club and we appreciate all the teachings you guys taught to us. Thank you so much.
For the Sciences students who will be going to Kuantan Campus next semester, also do not forget us. One day we will come to your place and open a new IAC there, you guys must participate. Do not waste your talent, ya!
Last, but not least, HAPPY FASTING!! Don't forget to perform tarawih and qiamullail. We will still have our training session, but it will be in the evening before breakfast, somewhere around 5 p.m until 6.30 p.m, ok?!
So, see ya there!!

AngklungBlog crew
don't wanna say 'sayonara'


p/s: Actually I was sooooo frustrated with that other 'musical group' mentioned just now. I cannot believe how blind and deaf they are. And they called themselves 'IIUM students'??!
How stupid.


szakif said...

owh.. tak tahu pun pasal 'musical group' tu.. kena odah ngan safwan ngan mawi ni.. hohohoho...

kitorang yang akna pergi kuantan takkan sekali2 melupakan angklung club, dan insya allah jika tiada aral melintang Jay akan membuka angklung club kat sana.. bile2 nak singgah ke kuantan, habaq la ye? kot2 kitorang leh sediakan pape.. huhuhu....

anyway, thanks la sebab panggil jugak aku join party tu walopun hakikatnya aku dah kuar dari angklung club... er... kek aritu sangat sedap!

szakif said...

eehehehehe...kesian korang kena marah takpasal2... dah tau dah paal that musical group~

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