Sunday, August 24, 2008

report on IAG'S DAY OUT

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Today IIUM ANGKLUNG GROUP members had a day out together at Kuliyyah of IRKHS. Like an induction course, but with little formality, the program focused more on the new members of IAG and its objective is to bring the members closer to each other and to create a strong bond between them. Also, the members learned what is important for the club and what kind of attitudes should the members instill when facing hardships and conflicts.
The day began with Stretching Dance conducted by Raja Nurwahida Adleen before the members got seperated by the committees fro ice-breaking sessions. In the sessions the members were taught to be themselves and be creative in expressing their ideas.
Then as the day went the members played Treasure Hunt, where they were given the directions in riddles and they need to complete tasks. There's no treasure to hunt, really. It was the messages hidden in the tasks given which soon the members needed to explain during the presentations before the program ended.
Overall, the members understood the tasks and the objectives for this program. Many advises from the seniors to the new members and it is hoped that every little things learnt from this program will bekept in the hearts of the members and the bonds between them remain strong until the end which will bring the club to success, Insya Allah.


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