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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketDATE: 25/07/2009
VENUE:Zoo Negara, Kuala Lumpur
BY: mi$$RED


IIUM Angklung Club had organized a Zoo Negara Volunteer Programme which aims at providing a close relation between human and wildlife by learning to understand their needs and social behaviour.
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By working hand in hand with the zookeepers, this programme builds up the students’ self-confidence and spirit through the community services activity which raises awareness to the wildlife conservation. Apart from this, we also had the chance to explore the works and duties of zookeepers by assisting them on daily routines.
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The Students were divided into two groups where Group 1 consists of 17 angklung players and 3 percussionists. This group volunteered as performers at Zoo Negara on that day, performing to visitors and zoo inhabitants. Our performance started as early as 8.30 a.m and ended as late as 4.30 p.m with a few breaks in between the performances. We played two to three songs at each stop/check points; Savannah Walk, Ape Centre, Lake Birds, Reptile Park, Malaysian Elephants, Bear Complex, Zoo Negara’s Main Entrance, Animal Show, Cat Walk etc. We played Ketipang Payung, Bosame Mucho, Rasa Sayang, Medley When The Saint Go Marching and You Are My Sunshine, Medley Mary Had A Little Lamb and Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star, Enjit-Enjit Semut,Poco-Poco and Kopi Dangdut. All the zoo visitor were entertained by us and lots of people were so excited to see us play angklung because it is not a common musical instrument and therefore one of our objectives which is to promote angklung to people is a success. BRAVO!
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On the other hand, Group 2 which consists of members of all cultural clubs; Theatre, Gamelan, Caklempong, Umul-Qura, Zapin, Poetry, Dikir Barat, and Angkung were assigned with community services work. They were then were divided by the Zoo Nrgara’s Education Department into groups of five or six students. Their volunteering activities involved promoting the zoo inhabitants to visitors, cleaning the habitats, feeding them and provide their needs. Each group was assigned to certain area such as follows; Great Apes, Monkeys/Lesser Apes, Aquarium, Hoof Stock, Birds Aviary, Animal Show, Children’s World, Hospital, Reptile Park, Bear Complex and Cat Walk.
This programme helped us in improving our communication skills and building and strengthening our self-esteem. It also inspires our spirit through community services and raises awareness on the importance of wildlife conservation. Through this programme we have learned many new things about wildlife and we also understood their needs and natural habitat.
Alhamdullilah, this programme is a success. Thanks to all participants especially to performers because though it was tiring but all of you gave the best commitment for the training and the volunteering work for this programme. Thank you...
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