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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketDATE: 31/07/2009
DAY: Friday
VENUE:Iatana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur
BY:Hanis chan

Istana Budaya…..prestigious place to uphold the culture and art to the world class. A lot of high class performances, local and international have been held there and got attention from all over walk of life citizens. Puteri Gunung ledang, Impak Maksima The Musical, and lot more prove the great achievement of Istana Budaya. To give the awareness, experience and indirectly to give moral motivation and challenges to the Angklungianz, Angklung Club on 31th July 2009 has organized educational trip to the Istana Budaya.
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We got support from 36 participants from Angklung Club and other culture clubs for this programme. We departed from IIUM around 2.45pm after solat Jumaat prayer, and took just about half an hour to arrive at the Istana Budaya. Istana Budaya’s officer greet and warmly welcoming us as their visitors and give full support for this kind of programme. They briefly explain on the management and the technical part of the Istana Budaya’s operation. After short corporate video presentation and briefing, the best part come. We were on the site…. Especially for the first time comer to the Istana Budaya, they were very impressed with the architecture and the elegant design of the Panggung Sari ( main theatre hall). Everyone got the experience to sit on the VIP’s sit even for couple of minutes and free!!
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Next, we were bring to the stage which make us more impressed with the high technology of the equipment and movement stage. But we were a bit disappointed because cannot watched by our own eyes the movement of the stage live. They were having rehearsal and final preparation for Jamal Abdillah concert. More explanation from the technician on the technical part attracted engineering students and could be said attract some of the participants to have practical training and maybe working at Istana Budaya!
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After short tour to the site and closing ceremony, gigamianz start to pose… Everyone give excited and happy faces to be captured on the camerassss…… It was awesome and sweet memories even for short duration of hours. Thanx everyone
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