Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Inventory session

On Saturday evening after the rigorously training with Training and Development Bureau (TDEV), a day before the Angklungians who join performance at KLCC perform which will be held on Sunday 27th February, they are having their first inventory session in this semester. For your information, the inventory session is a slot where the club members polish their own Angklung using oil and tissue. The purpose of polishing the Angklung is to make Angklung looks more shiny so that people would mesmerized with those Angklung. But not all Angklung they had polish it during that evening, just some of it that will be using for KLCC performance since time really constrain.

The members who join this inventory session had a very happy time together laughing and get socialized to each others. This kind of activity make the members themselves feel attach together and strengthen their ukhuwwah. Alhamdulillah.

InshaAllah the inventory session would continuously in progress after this to maintain the instrument itself so that the Angklung that we used would produce better sound during our training and performance. We are very hopeful that we could maintain all the Angklung in a better ways as to reminisce the effort of the previous seniors before to get few sets of Angklung.

Thank You.


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