Monday, February 28, 2011

New costume for performance


Greetings all readers! Either you are one of the IIUM Angklung Club or visitor, we are so welcoming our guest on this blog. Please do visit again! Hehe


About last two weeks, Assistance of COSMO bureau (Costume and Cleanliness) sis. Intan and some of the board of Angklung which is our Vice President, sis. Sarah Liyana, General Secretary, sis. Fatin Nadhirah, Assistance of TDEV (Training and Development), sis. Musahhadah and bro. Haris which is one of the club members also. Actually he act as our driver during that day! Alhamdulillah, Allah make our journey easy ;)

We went to the First Lady boutique at Jalan TAR to buy the girls dress and went through most of the shops at there to find out boys’ sampin and brooch to put on their songkok. Phuh! It was actually terrible day, being all around the Jalan TAR with the hot temperature and lots of people are crowded there.

Alhamdulillah we found the things we want for our club; the nice and elegance blue baju kebaya, sampin and the brooch. It is actually been for ages the club didn’t buy new costume for performance. Thus, this time InshaAllah the dress we bought would satisfied all the members wearing it and feel comfortable and also feel confidence while playing Angklung.

Oh yeah, here some pictures I attach together during our journey only for the sake of IIUM Angklung Club. Enjoy! : )

Thank You.


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